Empower your customers
by unlocking unprecedented Voice Clarity

clir Kit enables you to remove background voices and noise using AI technology from any audio in your product - in real-time as well as post-processing.


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Why clir?

Easy Integration

Get started with just two lines of code!

High Quality Models

Our models produce top results, both in real-time and post-processing applications!


We do not capture your users data.

Be heard, no matter where you are!

Communicate effectively

... while sitting in a shared office space.

No matter if you are in an open office, a co-working space or sharing a office with just a few colleagues - with clir Space you can take calls staying at your desk.

Communicate confidently

... while having your family nearby.

clir Space removes dogs barking, children shouting or your partner bursting in.

Communicate freely

... work where you want!

clir Space allows you to communicate without interruption while working from a coffee shop.

Communicate flexibly

.... wherever you are! 

With clir Space you can communicate clearly and uninterrupted during your commute.