clir Space: Your Unified Meeting Hub

Smart Meetings. Every Call, Transcribed and Summarized, in One Place.

Upgrade your Calls.
Meeting Minutes and Voice Clarity wherever you are.

Experience crisp calls and turn conversations into comprehensive meeting minutes effortlessly with clir Space - your personal call assistant.

clir Space is the overarching nervous system for every meeting you host or attend. Seamlessly record, transcribe, and summarize any conversation across all platforms, ensuring enhanced call quality and an intelligent, platform-agnostic conversation repository. Say goodbye to scattered transcripts and step into the future of a Unified Meeting Intelligence.

Our Features, your benefits.

Universal Recording

Effortlessly record conversations, from video calls to offline chats, preserving every critical detail. No more relying on memory or scattered notes; have every essential discussion at your fingertips.

Conversation Playback

Get detailed conversation transcripts and easily replay key sections, without sifting through the whole discussion. Save time and maintain precision, whether you're quickly revisiting pivotal moments or referencing specific statements.

Summarized Overviews

Obtain a distilled summary with actionable tasks from your conversations. Dive into the crucial points and directly transition from talk to action.

Audio Clarity

High-quality audio ensures high-quality conversations. Our AI magically removes noise from both your background and that of your conversation partner, ensuring every word is crystal clear. Confidently communicate from bustling airports to lively coworking spaces.

Experience Audio Clarity

Communicate effectively

... while sitting in a shared office space.

No matter if you are in an open office, a co-working space or sharing a office with just a few colleagues - with clir Space you can take calls staying at your desk.

Communicate confidently

... while having your family nearby.

clir Space removes dogs barking, children shouting or your partner bursting in.

Communicate freely

... work where you want!

clir Space allows you to communicate without interruption while working from a coffee shop.

Communicate flexibly

.... wherever you are! 

With clir Space you can communicate clearly and uninterrupted during your commute.

Get clir Space!

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for Apple Silicon


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is clir Space availible for Windows?
A: The current version is only available for Apple M1 MacBooks. We are preparing the Windows Version. Please sign-up for the Windows waiting list here, to be informed once we release.

Q: How do I uninstall clir Space?
A: Please start clir Space and open the settings (by clicking the three-point symbol and then the gear symbol). Here, please click "Uninstall clir Space". Our uninstaller will start, please follow the steps there. (PS: it is perfectly normal that it says "Install Uninstaller" - that wording is Mac specific and we can't change it.

Q: I have deleted clir Space from the application folder and still see "ClirSpeaker 1ch" as an available audio device. How can I remove that?
A: Please download our uninstaller here, start it and follow the dialogue.