Seamless sound in motion: Elevate your customers' experience!

Discover a new echelon of auditory precision. Our microcontroller-ready AI algorithms empower your product to effortlessly distinguish and enhance speech amidst any soundscape.

What's special?


Immersive clarity in phone calls and face-to-face conversations at imperceptible 6ms of latency


clir‘s AI uses just 15mW of power running on GAP9 while providing unprecedented voice clarity

Which features are available?

1-Channel Denoiser

Single microphone universal speech enhancement improves intelligibility by removing background noise in real-time

Neural Beamforming

Via simulated complex 3D acoustics, our ai models learn directional hearing, isolating simultaneous speakers while removing noise in a single processing step.

Low Power Mode

Using a low power ai, we recognize when full scale speech enhancement is needed automatically, saving power otherwise.

Experience our capabilities!

1-Channel Denoiser Results
noisy speech
clir enhanced
Neural Beamforming Results
noisy speech
clir enhanced
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Audio data processed by 1-Channel Denoiser AI model.

What are the requirements?

Our algorithms are available now for Greenwaves GAP9 embedded AI processor, and can be ported to your preferred embedded processor if it meets our technical requiriements.

Technical Requirements

Our algorithms require the following embedded processor specifications:

  • 1.5 MB RAM

  • 250MHz clock

  • > 1.5 MB non-volatile memory

Greenwaves GAP9

GAP9 combines ultra-low latency filtering with DSP and NN acceleration to power the next generation of hearables and IoT devices. GAP9 features:

  • 370MHz internal clock

  • 9 core RISC-V compute cluster with AI accelerator

  • 1.6MB retentive L2 RAM

  • 2MB non-volatile memory

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clir Space removes dogs barking, children shouting or your partner bursting in.

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