making voices heard

engineered with clarity in mind

Using AI and Bluetooth Low Energy, we enable headphones and hearing aids to reduce background noise via wireless communication with the user's smartphone.



Using a custom designed AI architecture that runs smoothly on your smartphones processor and an efficient, proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy communications protocol, clir Technology enables hearing aids and consumer headphones to reduce background noise while enhancing speech in real time.

AI Speech Enhancement

Our AI Architecture is specifically designed for low-latency real time speech enhancement.

utilizing untapped potential

Connecting wearable audio devices with smartphone's computing power breaks new ground for smart signal processing.

integration made easy

Using open standards for communication like Bluetooth Low Energy allows our technology to be integrated with a vast set of audio products.


Better speech intelligibility - everywhere

Modern hearing aids cannot effectively separate speech from noise and thus amplify all incoming signals, reducing speech clarity as well as intelligibility in noisy scenarios. We aim to improve people's lives beyond what current products offer by removing disturbing background noise in real time.

Forming connections that last

Regaining the ability to participate in social gatherings dramatically enhances the lives of those who face hearing challenges. Cognitive decline due to social isolation is a major detriment to their wellbeing. We are determined to change that.

Let's Collaborate

We team up with consumer audio device manufacturers to create products engineered with clarity in mind.

Our technology will come packed with a mobile SDK, ready to be implemented into your mobile app.

Collaborate with us.
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engineered with clarity in mind
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