Engineered with clarity in mind,

we empower people to hear and be heard using cutting edge AI and wireless technology.

The Team

Andreas Krassnitzer
Founder | CEO

Growing up alongside my older brother, I got to witness the challenges faced by people suffering from hearing loss firsthand.

When working on Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Driver Assitance Systems, I realized how AI and IoT Technologies are going to disrupt the audio industry.

Valentin Frossard
Co-Founder  | COO

Having had to take many client calls from noisy and crowded environments, I felt the pain of not being understood and having to repeat myself regularly.

With my education in engineering and business, and experience building self-supervised machine learning applications I was thrilled to embark on this startup journey.

Nad Varzonova
embedded c developer

Nad's an embedded systems developer who feels inspired to work in biotech and help people with audio processing difficulties, like herself.

Nad has worked for “Sputnix”, the most successful Russian private space company, where she developed the embedded software for the onboard computers and microcontroller units of Cubesat satellites.

Janusz Polowczyk
software developer

Ever since I was a little kid I liked tinkering with computers, but it wasn't until I stumbled upon data science that I took learning programming more seriously.
Seeing ideas translate into working products is something that I am fascinated with, and iOS development is the perfect way to do just that.


Stefan Stücklschweiger

Co-Founder & CEO Fifteen Seconds
Marketing Expert


Co-Founder & CEO
App Sales Expert


Bluetooth Low Energy Expert, Embedded Systems Engineer, Researcher


CEO & Co-Founder Fraiss IT and FRAISS Holding
"Digital Humanism is not optional!”

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