we believe that the best user experiences emerge where beautiful design meets powerful functionality.

We develop distributed AI systems to make voices heard, enhancing the lives of people living with hearing impairment as well as providing amazing audio experiences for everyone.

audio-focused augmented reality

Fundamentally, hearing aids and headphones are audio-focused augmented reality devices. Clir takes advantage of AI and wireless communications technology to elevate that to the next level.

The Team

Founder & CEO

Growing up alongside my older brother, I got to witness the challenges faced by people suffering from hearing loss firsthand.

When working on Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Driver Assitance Systems, I realized how AI and IoT Technologies are going to disrupt the hearing healthcare industry.

Software Developer (C/C++)

We're looking for someone interested in creating cutting-edge Software for Bluetooth Low Energy applications.

We welcome curious minds with exciting ideas, ready to solve hard problems and dig deep into complicated systems.

Software Developer (Swift)

Experience in the Swift coding language is required for applicants who'd love to bring amazing technology right into customers hands.

Located at Science Park Graz, you'd be working in an exciting environment with some of the most brilliant and innovative people around.

Advisory Board

Stefan Stücklschweiger

Co-Founder & CEO Fifteen Seconds

Michael Spörk

Bluetooth Low Energy Expert, Embedded Systems Engineer, Researcher

"We are driven by our vision of a smart hearing aid. One that reacts intelligently and gives users a maximum amount of freedom to fine-tune their acoustic experience."

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